What is Futura?

It is an undeniable fact that exhibitions play an extremely important role in today’s trading world. It is useless to discuss the importance and advantages of trade shows here. Instead, we must look into the stand assembling stage of these shows.
It is a diffcult and a tedious task to design and assemble a stand which really stands out the most among others at an exhibition and attracts the greatest attention from the visitors.
We always need attractive, easy to handle, versatile, strong and flexible solutions to build our stands.
As a matter of fact what we need is the futura because it is…

  • An attractive system with a new aesthetics look and clean finishing details.
  • A very easy way to handle and fast to build system with its creative design.
  • A versatile system because of its modular structure.
  • A strong system with its compact and rigid compenent design.
  • A flexible solution because of its harmony with non-metal materials.
mounting video clips
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